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From the front desk Deven was kind,polite,courteous mixed with humor and the student did an exceptional job styling my hair. Now my girls want to come where I get excellent,professional service! I left there with an attitude that I can not only do better now I can look my best!

My daughter's appointment was for 6:00 and she was on time. After 9:00 and still not done. WTF? Are you kidding me? A highlight and a cut. over 3 hours and counting? We'll never be back, price be damned.

Last week, I would've given this place five stars -- in fact, I'm a journalist and have frequently written about this location as a great place to get decent hair care on a budget. But after my experience this time, I'll be warning people NOT to go here.

I walked in with hair to my bra strap (in the back) -- fairly long, right? I was getting a perm (which I do every 6 months because my natural hair is half wavy and half straight, so a perm makes things easier) and a TRIM. I specifically said I wanted tight curls and a trim.

What I got was waves and about 5" lopped off of my hair. And the cut itself was so horrible I called to complain. The senior instructor said I could come in to get it fixed.

Ok, so the "haircut to fix things." At that time I asked what could be done about the perm and was told to take one thing at a time. The stylist proceeds to take me to wash my hair -- now, the cardinal rule of perms is

no washing for AT LEAST 24 hours. I mentioned this to the stylist who told be that I was wrong about that and everything would be okay. I asked if she should talk to her teacher and was told that wasn't necessary. So she washed my hair. Vigorously.

After the cut I asked about the curls -- again -- and was told I didn't want that (funny how they "know" what *I* want, especially since I said I wanted the exact opposite).

Guess what? Now the curls are all but gone. I have less wave in my hair than I did when I went in (with a six-month-old perm and straight roots). Some parts of my hair are completely straight.

Even more infuriating: I don't even live in Chicago anymore, and I flew in early specifically to go here because my past experiences have been so positive. And the salon is conveniently closed Sundays and Mondays, so guess what? I won't even be able to get it fixed before I fly back to NYC.

And, yes, I know they are students. But there's a difference between slightly crooked bangs or a few uneven layers and CHOPPING OFF FIVE INCHES OF HAIR. If you can't tell the difference between 5" and a trim, perhaps you should reconsider your career choices.

[Also, the teachers/management here are the worst. They act like it's no big deal, what did you expect coming here? Well, neither the initial stylist nor the "haircut fixer" asked for any guidance and the instructors were nowhere to be found after the first five minutes after I sat down into the chair. If it's a school, fine, but where the hell are the teachers? Seriously, DO NOT GO HERE.]

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